so how does it work?

let's break it down

two types of people

in RedLino there are two types of accounts:

1: RedLino SuperStars - these are your content creators, influencers, celebrities, or anyone with a large following
2: RedLino SuperFans - these are the people who want their chances to get precious time to connect with stars

star coins

our very own digital currency

We have implemented our very own digital currency in order to create a systematic and organized way to run our community. These tokens serve as a direct way to enter the "lottery" to get picked to talk to your favorite stars. Every time you open our app, you get one free star coin. So, just by opening the app your chances to get picked to talk to one of our active influencers has increased. While you're online, you can earn more star coins (in many ways) which you can selectively use to increase your chances at your extra favorite people.

backstage waiting rooms

a way to make friends on the way

Waiting Rooms are little video lobbies of up to 5 people that are focused around the commonality of a specific influencer. This is a great way to interact with fellow SuperFans and make valuable friendships along the way. Inside of Waiting Rooms you can play games or just chat, it's up to you! Oh! Also, for every minute spent in a Waiting Room, you are gaining even more precious star coins.

virtual red carpet

just like the real red carpet, here's your chance to socialize with anyone

The Virtual Red Carpet is a giant roulette-styled video chat room, where you are able to meet new people in a 1:1 setting! Make new friends, and you get even more coins! Plus, safety is a priority at RedLino, so rest assured, we aim to keep our Virtual Red Carpet just as classy as it would be if you were in Hollywood!


support your favorite influencers directly

This is our way to thank our favorite influencers for all the work they do (you also gain more coins)! Through the marketplace you can support your influencers through their merchandise or make direct donations to their work. This will result in increasing your chances to getting to your favorite influencers.

you finally made it

congrats you got selected to talk to one of the active influencers

Now what? You enter a personal room with an influencer and get to talk or play games or just geek out, for the indicated time-limit the influencer has set. Enjoy, and don't forget to take a screenshot!